Uprightly • Strategy

Uprightly • Strategy is specialised in the conception of strategies aiming to emerge a brand, an individual or a subject, among different target groups.

Our expertise

We work with all types of objectives : increasing sales, brand management, lobbying, increasing popularity, entering a new market, launching a new product, crisis communication…


Our particularity : to create a global strategy, that combines lobbying, marketing, communication and content creation.

Marketing strategies & Market researches

We perform a market research to help you obtain key information on your consumers and your target groups. This also allows you to analyse your brand positioning and reputation, to study your competitors’ strategy and understand the social and political situation in which you evolve.

Consumers’ opinion

Thanks to big data, we provide you with key information on the consumers, their personal tastes, their habits and interests, in order to help you make better decisions.

Competition survey

We perform a benchmark of your competitors’ brands or business sector, to provide you with information about their methodology and to help you detect business opportunities.

Brand reputation

We analyse the emotions triggered by your brand and we determine its presence in the media and the society. This way, you are able to understand how your brand is perceived by the public.

Social and political benchmarking

In which social and political environment will you evolve in the future ?
By connecting our expertise in public affairs and marketing, we are able to deliver you key information necessary to the preparation of your future actions.

Lobbying strategy

We assist you in your development strategy by offering you the possibility to strengthen your notoriety among public authorities.

Thanks to the implementation of a public affairs strategy, we will allow you to become an essential interlocutor, able to anticipate legislative and regulatory changes in a way that is favorable to your activities.

Strengthen your reputation towards policy makers

We support you in strengthening your institutional notoriety, by capitalizing on your assets, in order to consolidate your place in the French institutional and political landscape.

Influencing the political debate and the evolution of public policies

We allow you to position yourself as a key player for public authorities in your sector of activity in order for you to become a privileged interlocutor for the regulatory questions likely to impact your sector.

Anticipate legislative and regulatory changes

When applied arbitrarily, legislative and regulatory changes can lead to an environment hostile to your structure. We allow you to anticipate these changes and act accordingly, so that they constitute valuable assets for the development of your activities.

Communication strategy

We support you in your communication strategy allowing you to create your brand discourse and spread your voice. In implementing your communication strategy, we give you the opportunity to lead your brand conversations in order to gain or maintain your reputation and to manage your identity.

Launching communication strategy

We bring your brand and its audience together to make the discovery a memorable moment. We assist you in the development of your brand’s visibility in order to strengthen the links between you and your interlocutors.

Brand communication strategy

We support you in emerging a burgeoning company, maintaining a current brand image, or renewing a struggling one. We analyse your situation and your sector’s one, which allows you to know your key success factors and to develop the expected brand image.

Institutional communication strategy

We assist you in the broadcast and the good comprehension of the messages that are spread by the institutions to targeted audiences. Thus we give you the possibility to control the messages you share.

Crisis communication strategy

We support you in the followup and detection of controversial topics. Therefore, we help you anticipate crises, better manage the spreading of information and seize opportunities. Pilot the discussions and detect your crises along with the ones of your competitors.

Public figure accompaniment

Journalists, artists, celebrities or speakers : we support public figures in managing their career and their image. Our expertise allows us to accompany celebrities in their strategic choices and controlling their discourses.

Image management

Strategic defining of the public figure image, creating a short-term, mid-term or long-term positioning strategy and image development.

We polish discourse, storytelling, public speaking, media coaching and media training, to make sure your goals are met.

Career management

Strategic definition of the public figures’ professional orientations.

Pricing advising, partnership propositions management, speeches supervision, price negotiation, contract management and legal advice.

Creation and contents

We create your communication and its contents, by providing you with our diverse network of creative and talented professionals. Editorial, digital, technological or visual, we give you the skills and the creativity needed to realize your projects.

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Storytelling and brand content
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