Uprightly • Speakers Bureau

Uprightly • Speakers Bureau allows brands and institutions to communicate through the intervention of celebrities and expert speakers.

Our expertise

We support our clients in searching for a celebrity or an opinion leader able to deliver messages with power and empathy, so that it fosters a greater impact towards their audience.

High visibility speakers network

We are pretty committed to maintaining a network allowing us to establish links with any type of personality with whom you wish to associate your image.

Rather than an offer that would look like a “catalog”, we prefer to work hand in hand with the celebrities and the opinion leaders in order to provide our clients with a strong, qualitative and reliable network.

This proximity with our speakers allows us, after a detailed analysis of your project, to suggest profiles whose expertise and sensibility exactly meet your expectations as well as your values.

Company event or broader public, advertising campaign, intern or extern broadcasting projects, we advise you on every type of means aimed at associating a brand image with the one of a celebrity, a host, a journalist, a consultant or an expert.

Experts and specialists

In order to be able to advise and support you in any of your communication projects, we also offer profiles of sectoral experts.

They are specialized in very specific sectors of activity, allowing brands to associate their image to an individual’s technical expertise along with oral and scenic skills.

Among our speakers

TV hosts, starred chefs, entrepreneurs, economists, journalists or athletes…

Discover a brief overview of the profiles that we reference among our numerous speakers that work with us. 

Hosts/ Journalists


Inspiring figures

A complete project supervision

Much more than a simple transmission of contact details, we support our clients in their relationships with the speakers.

Thus, we ensure the followup of the whole process of exchanges between the brand and the selected profile, throughout the mission:

– mission scoping meeting;
– negotiation between personality and brand;
– drafting of tripartite contracts;
– mission monitoring and end mission report.

Clear and precise pricing

We work so that each collaboration between a brand and a stakeholder is a real partnership benefiting all parties.

This is why Uprightly Speakers Bureau works in total pricing transparency.
For each service, we carry out a tripartite contract mentioning the real costs of each of the participants: the speaker, the advertiser and our structure.
Thus, each party works with trust and knowledge of all the parameters of the project.