Our values

We  give you relevant and personalised advice

We give you advice that is in your own interest, in the most efficient way. This is the essence of our job : your goals become ours.

Within Uprightly • Speakers Bureau, we recommend you speakers according to their competencies and their capacity to represent your brand.

Our service is complete and is not limited to a simple linking between you and the speaker.

We take charge of the project coordination, the elaboration of the contracts and the scoping meetings along with travel expenses

Uprightly • Strategy provides you with strategies using all the levers possible (marketing, lobbying, communication) according to their efficiency.

Our assistance is dedicated to the strategy, which gives us neutrality with regard to the choice of tools to put in place.

We ensure the strategic elaboration and the coordination of all actions, guided by the objectives and the results that need to be achieved.

We offer transparent prices

We have a conviction : it is fundamental that the price of a service must be clear and understandable.

We combat hidden mark-ups, opaque remunerations and multiple subcontractors.

Our goal : to create a relationship of trust with our clients and to translate our values into concrete actions.

That is why we work, with all our clients and for all types of projects, in absolute price transparency.

Within Uprightly • Speakers Bureau, all the contracts are established on a tripartite basis.

More specifically, the contract mentions the actual costs of each party involved : the speaker, the announcer and Uprightly.

Hence, we are able to work with trust, knowing exactly what is the remuneration of each stakeholder.

Within Uprightly • Strategy, we create the strategy and we coordinate the contents’ production.

When these contents need to be created externally (creatives, technicians…), there is no margin applied to their service.

Therefore, we work in total transparency : you know the price of our service and the real cost of our production.